Terms & Conditions

(1) Order & Service Policy
K Florist’s online service offers customers many choices.
We provide a tailor-made and personalized floral design expect for our customers’ choice from our website. We must suggest our professional opinions to design bouquets, which can achieve our customers’ requests.
We recommended florist arranged products might require at least one day in advance from our K Florist.

(2) Delivery Policy
Delivery for apartment / house:
Our colleague will deliver the goods to the housing management office and return to the recipient; if the management office rejected to collect the product, the product will return to our company, the customer can pick it up from our company on the same day or the next day; or reshipping (i.e. recharge the delivery fee).
Delivery for company / office building / shop / other organization:
If the recipient is not at company / office building / shop, our colleague will deliver the goods to the reception desk or other colleagues and then pass it to the recipient. If the address is incorrect, the goods will return to our company. Customers can pick it up from our company on the same day or the next day, or re-deliver (i.e. recharge the delivery fee).

(3) Refund Policy
In general cancellations of orders are not accepted, and bouquet deliveries are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.

(4) Termination
We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time.
We also have a right to cancel the flower delivery or delay the delivery of the goods due to bad weather or typhoon.